BLJ In-situ Solutions recognise taking your plant equipment to the machine shop is not always feasible. We bring the workshop to you and for shudowns we have customised shipping containers fitted out as a fully functional machine shops for all your on-site machining solutions.

With 18 years remote area, multidiscipline experience, BLJ In-situ provides high value solutions in a cost effective way, across industries and markets.

On-site Machining is a service performed when the plant is offline. Portable machines will carry out machine shop operations without the need to remove the plant item. Our highly skilled technicians are well trained in a variety of on-site machining disciplines to meet your plant needs.

BLJ In-situ Solutions’ comprehensive range of portable machining equipment allows them to consistently achieve tolerances and finishes that were once only achievable within an engineering or machine shop environment. Whatever the work environment or situation, we offer an on-site machining solution to meet your required application.

BLJ In-situ Solutions is certified and registered by TQCS International Pty Ltd to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard. All work undertaken by BLJ In-situ Solutions is executed in accordance with its Quality Management System processes.

BLJ also have workshop facilities for inhouse machining (pick up and delivery options available)

Our on-site machining services include:

Flange Facing

Equipment to machine sizes from 0 to 3.2 metres diameter is carried in stock. Outside of this diameter, we have access to equipment through a supplier relationship. Flange facing can be used for a multitude of applications. Traditionally it is used to re-machine flange or heat exchanger faces in-situ when they have become warped, worn or damaged. The newly machined surface then allows for an improved seal, preventing leaks. Flange facers can also be used for machining manways, pump bases, crane pedestals, or any flat surface that is contained within the swing of the machine.

Flange Flatness Surveying

This service is generally provided utilising a special surveying tool, such as a clocking arm or laser. Alternatively, it can be provided using a flange facing machine. Clocking arms are used to check flange flatness quickly and accurately. Once flanges are opened, visual inspection and flatness checking can be completed, allowing for quick identification of flanges that require machining.

X-Y Milling

We mill surfaces up to 6 metres x 3 metres. There are several different types of milling, from single milling beds to milling machines that travel in the X and Y direction, called XY Mills. Milling heads can also be attached to some flange facing machines for circular milling. Typically, milling is undertaken on surfaces that are out of flatness. Milling these surfaces brings them back to their design or specified flatness and finish for the application.

Circular Milling

Circular Milling is generally utilised when machining slew bearing faces or any structure that requires milled flat surfaces. We have the ability to machine from 760mm to 3.2 metres in-situ using an ID Mount Flange Facing Machine with milling attachment that runs 150mm cutter.

Journal Turning

We stock equipment for journal turning from 4" shaft up 11.25” diameter. Journal turning is machining the outside diameter of a shaft to bring it within the desired specification for concentricity, surface finish and circularity tolerance.


We look forward to working with you.

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Keyway Milling

Keyway milling is the cutting of a keyway along the axis of the cylindrical surface of shafts or other items. Our portable Keyway milling machines allow us to cut new or re-cut worn keyways in shafts as little as 1-1/2 inch (38mm) up to 24 inches (610mm) outside diameter. We also have available a side-shift Key Milling machine which is for extra wide keyway milling which can be either bench mounted or mounted to shafts 8 inches to 24 inches in diameter.

Drilling & Tapping

Drilling and tapping equipment stocked provides the capacity for 2” threads to be tapped. 'Drilling and tapping' is used in many industries, from power to marine. There are numerous applications. In fact, anywhere there exists the need to bolt items together using a blind hole.

Pipe Cutting & Weld-Prepping

4” to 60” pipe diameter pipe cutting and prepping equipment is available. This enables from small diameter pipes right up to large diameter vessels to be cut and prepped in-situ.


Portable Electric Belt Linisher Sander that can be adapted to any application, but is mainly used for linishing trunnion tyres flat.

Custom Machine Build

BLJ In-Situ Solutions personnel are able to provide Specialised Machine Build services. This service can be required when an unusual application requires machining or restrictions make it impossible to fit a standard machine in the space provided. This involves BLJ In-Situ Solutions personnel inspecting the item for machining, taking detailed measurements of the restrictions and scope and building a special machine to complete the job. Each machine would be quoted for either outright sale or for rental, subject to the needs of the customer.

We look forward to working with you.

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