BLJ In-situ Solutions offers a range of specialist services to its clients, which support the effectiveness of Industrial Turnaround and Construction Projects.

BLJ In-situ Solutions can bundle its range of specialist services and tailor a package to meet your needs. Turnaround and Construction Specialist Mechanical Services packages bring you the combined strengths of a range of specialist services which together cater to your specific needs while aligning with the shutdown, maintenance, and production requirements.

Shutdown Bundled Services

A selection of our core on-site services can be customised to your specific needs and these include:

Our most requested bundled service package is our Flange Joint Management Services. 

Entrusting BLJ In-situ Solutions with multiple specialist services enables clients to achieve a Quality Standard of Service to enhance their overall business performance while avoiding the logistical challenges of sourcing several different contractors.

BLJ In-situ Solutions is certified and registered by TQCS International Pty Ltd to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems standard. All work undertaken by BLJ In-situ Solutions is executed in accordance with its Quality Management System processes. 

All of BLJ In-Situ Solutions services are supported by a robust Quality Management system and a Health, Safety and Environmental Management System to ensure a high standard of service is continually achieved for clients, which meets environmental and safety legislative commitments relevant to the work environment and service provided.

We look forward to working with you.

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