Renewable energy is produced using natural resources that are constantly replaced and never run out. Just as there are many natural sources of energy, there are many renewable energy technologies. Solar is one of the most well known, wind power is one of the most widespread, and hydropower is one of the oldest.

From wind turbine power generators, land fill, waste gas conversion to electricity,water power generation or Hydroelectricity, Australia has an emerging and sustainable renewables industry.

Bio Energy

Bioenergy is a form of renewable energy that uses organic renewable materials (known as biomass) to produce heat, electricity, biogas and liquid fuels. The most cost effective and environmentally beneficial sources of biomass are typically wastewater, municipal waste and waste streams from the agricultural, forestry and industrial sectors.

Opportunities exist for bioenergy and energy from waste to provide various forms of energy (electricity, heat and fuel) in Australia when there is cost-effective access to feedstock, industrial processes or other pathways addressing local energy demand.

Bio Fuel

The ethanol production process begins with the receipt of sorghum grain which is ground into a fine powder. The powder is mixed with water and enzymes to begin the process of breaking down the starch in the grains into glucose molecules.

Once the starch has been converted, yeast is introduced into the process. In an anaerobic environment, yeast ferment (i.e. metabolize) glucose into ethanol. The ethanol is then distilled from the fermentation broth, called beer, and is purified into nearly 100% pure ethanol. 

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