BLJ In-situ Solutions’ experienced technicians are trained to provide Pipe Freezing services to meet your specific plant requirements.

With 18 years remote area multidiscipline experience, BLJ provides high value solutions in a cost effective way, across industries and markets.

Why Pipe Freezing?

Pipe Freezing allows you to isolate lines for equipment installation, piping modifications or repair. It is suited for many different applications and industries including refining, petrochemical, power, and offshore.

The advantage of undertaking Pipe Freezing is it does not require welding, mechanical work, or permanent modifications to the existing system.

Branch connections can be isolated without interrupting the main line. BLJ In-situ Solutions has the ability to conduct Pipe Freezing up to 4” diameters.

The above footage reviews a 40mm copper Pipe Freeze using Liquid CO2 to make dried ice in the freeze bag. This line took 30 minutes to freeze after which the client was able to cut the line and install a gate valve. This process works to produce a zero flow in pipeline. This application is a good alternative when you are unable to isolate a section of the pipe to do repairs.

BLJ has two systems of pipe freezing available:

  1. Portable self-hire refrigeration unit which can freeze up to 2"
  2. Freeze bags up to 100mm using CO2 as a freezing agent

All work undertaken by BLJ In-situ Solutions is executed in accordance with its Quality Management System processes. BLJ In-situ Solutions is certified and registered by TQCS International Pty Ltd to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems standard.