BLJ 's Mechancial Maintenance, On-site Machining and Shutdown Services are designed to keep your assets operational and efficient.

We bring our machining equipment to you and work in-situ, saving time and money. Whether it’s a day-to-day plant maintenance requirement or specialist bundled services scope for a major shutdown, we have the experience, resources, and systems to assist.With our 18 years remote area multidiscipline experience, BLJ can provide high value solutions in a cost effective way across multiple market sectors.

All of BLJ In-situ Solutions services are supported by a robust Quality Management System and a Health, Safety and Environmental Management System. These systems ensure that the highest standard of service is continually achieved for clients and that environmental and safety legislative commitments relevant to the work environment and service provided are continually met.

With 18 years remote area multidiscipline experience, BLJ In-situ provides high value solutions in a cost effective way, across industries and markets.

We understand your site requirements, possess strong technical knowledge, supported by a comprehensive, well maintained range of industrial equipment, we have the right machine for every job....from the one off -  through to major 'shutdowns'

For more on each of our services, please click on the link or images below:

Queensland Training Packages - Training courses are available at all BLJ In-situ Solutions locations (Brisbane and Gladstone workshops) as well as all client’s premises on request. Interstate Training Packages - Training courses are available at client designated sites
We provide Bolt Tensioning, including Bolt Load Calculations and Flange Stress Analysis.
On-site Machining is a service performed when the plant is offline. Portable machines will carry out machine shop quality operations without the need to remove or transport the plant item.
Our most requested bundled service package is our Flange Joint Management Services. Each service package is tailored to meet client expectations and provide a comprehensive Flange Joint Management service.
Leak Sealing is the process of sealing leaking pressure plant while it is on-line, under pressure and temperature.
BLJ In-situ Solutions offers a range of specialist services, which support the effectiveness of Industrial Turnaround and Construction Projects.
We have an extensive range of industrial bolt torquing, bolt tensioning and flange manipulation equipment for hire.
BLJ In-Situ Solutions has a strong reputation as a Mechanical Maintenance and Shutdown Service Provider due to our expert services, including hot tapping service. Hot tapping allows safe cutting into pressurised lines and vessels, flowing under reduced pressure and maintaining temperature.