BLJ were requested to provide onsite machining services at a wastewater pump station.
BLJ technicians were engaged to seal a 1000kpa bonnet leak at a major refinery while the plant remained on-line.under pressure and temperature Highly skilled Technicians changed out studs one at a time and installed injection washers, peen gap on bonnet flange and injected compound into joint to provide seal leak.
BLJ In-situ solutions were engaged to machine the Port Side lower dredge line flange face in dry dock at the Port of Brisbane
BLJ Technicians providing an onsite machining solution for a damaged flange face
Leak Sealing is the process of sealing a leaking pressure plant while it remains online, under pressure and temperature. Our client required a custom solution to seal and stop a medium steam leak on site.
This course provides workers with the skills, ability and job knowledge in specialist critical bolting. It demonstrates aspects of hazards, health and safety, guidance and practical exercises about safe use and good working practices. 
Our client located in the Gladstone region encountered a leak in their cooling water system. Two parts of the gasket failed and blew out of the joint.
The client needed Hot Tapping to be performed on a Stainless Steel Tank [Read more...]
A client requires an In-Situ Flange Facing solutions [Read more...]
BLJ was tasked to rectify a gasket leak from flange joint flow element [Read more...]
The client approached BLJ for installation of a new 6” line into the 12” line for 2 new Pressure Safety Valves. [Read more...]
BLJ was engaged to perform an online Leak Seal on an Exchanger that started leaking. [Read more...]
We were tasked with yet another Online Leak Seal job. [Read more...]
One of our Australian based international clients, required specialised on-site machining services [Read more...]
Our client requested a tensioning process on a new gas pipeline. [Read more...]
The client engaged BLJ for a specific on-site machining service. [Read more...]
BLJ was tasked to perform on-site machining solutions involving clamp installation and leak sealing. [Read more...]
CPB Contractors requires BLJ's assistance with in-situ machining services in the Surat Basin site. [Read more...]
Due to the size of the project, BLJ supplied 12 technicians and 2 supervisors to execute various services on site. [Read more...]
Incitec acquired BLJ's assistance with on-site machining and pipe replacement to be performed at their Gibson Island plant. [Read more...]
BLJ provided 2 of our experienced technicians to perform leak sealing service. [Read more...]
BLJ was tasked with major maintenance of the RTA (Rio Tinto Alcan) Yarwun plant - from on-site machining service to digestion shut down packages. [Read more...]
BLJ delivered On-Site Machining & Controlled Bolting services via 4 technicians performing machining flanges, tensioning stud and pipe cutting on new construction site. [Read more...]
Laing required BLJ's assistance with on-site machining and dry hire tooling to be performed on site. [Read more...]
BLJ provided Flange Joint Management Services by supplying 5 technicians to perform bolting up flange joints. [Read more...]
BLJ provided On-Site Machining services with 4 technicians to perform machining flanges ranging from 6” to 60”. [Read more...]