Our client located in the Gladstone region encountered a leak in their cooling water system. Two parts of the gasket failed and blew out of the joint.
The client needed Hot Tapping to be performed on a Stainless Steel Tank [Read more...]
A client requires an In-Situ Flange Facing solutions [Read more...]
BLJ provided Flange Joint Management Services by supplying 5 technicians to perform bolting up flange joints. [Read more...]
BLJ was tasked to rectify a gasket leak from flange joint flow element [Read more...]
BLJ provided On-Site Machining services with 4 technicians to perform machining flanges ranging from 6” to 60”. [Read more...]
The client approached BLJ for installation of a new 6” line into the 12” line for 2 new Pressure Safety Valves. [Read more...]
BLJ was engaged to perform an Online Leak Seal on an Exchanger that started leaking. [Read more...]
One of our overseas clients in Vietnam needed specialised on-site machining services [Read more...]
We were tasked with yet another Online Leak Seal job. [Read more...]
The client engaged BLJ for a specific on-site machining service. [Read more...]
Our client requested a tensioning process on a new gas pipeline. [Read more...]
BLJ was tasked to perform on-site machining solutions involving clamp installation and leak sealing. [Read more...]
CPB Contractors requires BLJ's assistance with in-situ machining services in the Surat Basin site. [Read more...]
Due to the size of the project, BLJ supplied 12 technicians and 2 supervisors to execute various services on site. [Read more...]
Incitec acquired BLJ's assistance with on-site machining and pipe replacement to be performed at their Gibson Island plant. [Read more...]
BLJ was tasked with major maintenance of the RTA (Rio Tinto Alcan) Yarwun plant - from on-site machining service to digestion shut down packages. [Read more...]
BLJ provided 2 of our experienced technicians to perform leak sealing service. [Read more...]
BLJ delivered On-Site Machining & Controlled Bolting services via 4 technicians performing machining flanges, tensioning stud and pipe cutting on new construction site. [Read more...]
Laing required BLJ's assistance with on-site machining and dry hire tooling to be performed on site. [Read more...]