BLJ In-situ Solutions Operations

BLJ operates out of two strategic locations:

  • Head Office and Workshop in Capalaba, Brisbane Queensland; and

  • Workshop in Gladstone, Queensland 

From these workshops and through several service provider relationships we are able to offer our services across the Asia-Pacific region. Both our Brisbane and Gladstone workshops support our range of on-site services through:

  • Preparation of site tooling
  • Fabrication of jigs
  • Fabrication of leak sealing clamps
  • Demobilisation of site equipment
  • Scheduled maintenance and testing of on-site equipment
BLJ In-Situ Solutions Brisbane Head Office and Workshop
BLJ In-Situ Solutions Brisbane Head Office and Workshop
BLJ In-Situ Solutions Gladstone Workshop
BLJ In-Situ Solutions Gladstone Workshop


BLJ In-situ Solutions Key Service Provider Relationships

Service Provider relationships are important to our business. These relationships contribute to BLJ providing the level of service it does to its customers. Two of the key service provider relationships are: 

Boltstress Ultrasonics

BLJ In-situ Solutions and Boltstress Ultrasonics of Western Australia have a long-term relationship that now brings to the market an exciting technology called Intrinsi-TAG. Intrinsi-TAG is the flange management system developed by Boltstress Ultrasonics from years of field experience. Boltstress provides the Intrinsi-TAG technology, training and equipment support. BLJ provides the interface with the customer and delivers the total flange management service. The Intrinsi-Tag technology is developed to manage and store data for over 100,000 joints. It is user-friendly and significantly streamlines the flange management process.

For further information visit Boltstress Ultrasonics

Southern Cross On-Site Machining (SCM)

Southern Cross On-Site Machining is based in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria and specialised in on-site machining services.

BLJ In-situ Solutions has formed a relationship with Southern Cross On-Site Machining, spanning more than 12 years. This relationship assists to expand BLJ’s pre-existing skill sets including Line Boring, Milling, Flange Facing Journal Turning, Hot Tapping, Large Diameter Drilling & Tapping, Pipe Cutting & Weld-Prepping, Controlled Bolting, Mechanical Services for General Maintenance, Installations, and Shut Downs, Welding and Fabrication Services.