Flange Facing Machines

Air driven Flange Facing equipment to machine sizes from 0 to 1.8 meters in diameter.

Taking your field equipment to the machine shop is not always feasible. This is why BLJ In-Situ Solutions offers its range of On-Site Machining solutions. With a large selection of Air driven portable Flange Facing equipment, to machine sizes from 0 to 1.8 meters in diameter, available to carry out machine shop operations without the need to remove the plant item, consistently achieving tolerances and finishes that were once thought to be only achievable at an engineering or machine shop. Whatever the work environment or situation, BLJ In-situ Solutions can offer up a machining solution to meet your required application. 

Machines available for hire - please peruse the specs below;

All BLJ In-situ Solutions Flange Facing Machines are supplied with tooling and equipment required to setup and operate.