Power Generation 

The Power generation industry is the backbone of the industrial world, supplying essential energy to engineering, industrial, manufacturing, commercial and residential customers around the globe.

Australia's primary energy consumption is dominated by coal (around 40 per cent), oil (34 per cent) and gas (22 per cent). Coal accounts for about 75 per cent of Australia's electricity generation, followed by gas (16 per cent), hydro (5 per cent) and wind around (2 per cent).

BLJ provides maintenance services to fossil fuel power stations burn coal to power steam turbines that generate some of the electricity they produce.

BLJ provide maintenance services to gas turbine power stations use gas combustion to generate some or all of the electricity they produce. Combined cycle plants include an Open Cycle Gas Turbine, plus a Heat Recovery Steam Generator that uses waste heat from the gas turbine to make steam to drive a Steam Turbine.

BLJ provide maintenance services to power stations that use gas combustion in reciprocating engines to generate some or all of the electricity they produce.

BLJ provide maintenance services to hydroelectric power stations use the flow of water to generate some or all of the electricity they produce.

With 18 years remote area multidiscipline experience, BLJ provide high value solutions in a cost effective way across multiple market sectors.

BLJ In-Situ Solutions Power and Water 'On-site | Workshop Maintenance Services' include:










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