BLJ In-situ Solutions has the technology, skilled and experienced technicians, engineering support, and equipment to offer you the right solution for your bolting requirements.

Our recently completed projects are a testament to our ability to consistently provide clients with a leak-free startup for turnaround, through the Controlled Bolting Services we offer:

  • Bolt torquing / Torque tightening
  • Bolt tensioning / Bolt tensioners
  • Flange joint management
  • Bolt load calculations & Flange stress analysis; and
  • Bolting equipment hire

As part of our Controlled Bolting Services, we also provide bolt tensioning. 

Bolt Tensioning is the process of stretching the bolt by applying an axial load directly onto the bolt. Bolt tensioning is accurate and offers time-saving on larger flanges. It is commonly used for bolt sizes 1.1/2” diameter and above.

Generally, 50% of studs are tensioned simultaneously applying an even and accurate load on the gasket, thus providing the best chance for an effective long-term seal. We stock Bolt Tensioners to cover up to 4” diameter bolts. We provide local engineering support, including bolt load calculations and flange stress analysis.

BLJ In-situ Solutions is certified and registered by TQCS International Pty Ltd to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems standard.

All work undertaken by BLJ In-situ Solutions is executed in accordance with its Quality Management System processes.