The BLJ Insitu Solutions code of conduct

This is a guide to ethical and responsible conduct aimed at building a workplace culture of integrity and is structured to enhance our core values:

  1. Integrity;
  2. Safety;
  3. Collaboration;
  4. Compliance, and
  5. Equality through Leadership

Our capabilities are diverse, and our success is underpinned by our resolute commitment to excellence, safety, quality, innovation and sustainability, while remaining proudly Australian owned and operated since 2006.

We work hard to create and sustain valued relationships that enable our teams to fully understand, assist and deliver solutions that turn possibilities into reality for our customers.

Although our record is exemplary, we strive to improve and work with our customers to mitigate on-site risk and educate our team by adopting risk management and mitigation practices.

While our footprint has spread across Australia, our culture remains the same. We have organically grown, adapting to meet the needs of our clients to drive certainty and mutually achieve successful outcomes. We have achieved this through attracting and retaining passionate, dedicated people who are unique and offer skills and tools that are inherently valuable.