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Based on over 30 years of mechanical and industrial engineering industry experience, BLJ In-situ Solutions Pty Ltd (BLJ) began operations in 2005 with a focus on providing Specialist Mechanical Maintenance and Turnaround Services to the Australian engineering industry. BLJ has built its name on the proven skills and experience of its people in specialised site services. Through its selective recruitment process, BLJ provides quality-assured services and is focused on developing strong customer relationships. 

BLJ has assembled an extensive range of specialist equipment - and it allows BLJ to successfully provide in-situ, on-line and off-line specialist maintenance services to the engineering industry and also manage specialist shutdown packages for more than a decade. This extensive range of equipment is essential in providing bundled specialist mechanical services on turnarounds, outages and construction projects. They are strategically located in BLJ's head office and workshop in Capalaba, Queensland and the second workshop in Gladstone, Queensland.

BLJ specialised on-line and off-line mechanical services are integral to the operational efficiency of key Australian industries including; Alumina, Coal Seam Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Fertilizer Plants, Marine, Minerals, Mining, Petrochemical, Petroleum, Power Stations, Water Power Generation, Refining/Refinery, and much more.

Through key supplier and service provider agreements, BLJ has access to additional specialised equipment and services when peak workloads demand a larger supply of equipment and skilled manpower in compressed time frames. It enables us to offer our services nationwide across Australia, New Zealand and also the Asia-Pacific region (including Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand).

All our services are committed to health, safety and the environment, with all procedures put through stringent HSE and Quality systems. At BLJ In-situ Solutions, we are dedicated to delivering strong customer service to all our clients. We have a strong “working with” approach and work toward achieving our client’s project goals. We pride ourselves on helping clients keep their plant operational and efficient - BLJ applies this approach to all plant maintenance and shutdown projects we are involved in.